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Newest trends in project management

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New Trends in Project Management 2021

19th-21th April 2021, Gdańsk

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Biggest business project of PMI Gdańsk Branch

The conference is the biggest project of Project Management Institute (PMI) in Gdańsk. This international event is organized for the 9th time.

The main idea is to exchange knowledge and good practices in the area of project management in Poland and abroad.

For the participation you can also earn PDU points to maintain your certification.

Best in class Workshops

During 2-days’ workshop and lectures, we will discuss the most interesting issues relating to the topic of project management in different industries. Addtionally to the technical and practical knowledge that you gain, interesting contacts and strong network with other participants for sure would be a great asset.

Problems associated with large project

In today’s world, companies often face the problems associated with the formation of large projects that are managed with limited resources, short lead times and uncertain conditions. To minimize the risks in teams, project managers are constantly looking for new trends in project management.

Therefore, we invite you to participate in the conference and build with us NTPM brand.

Last year’s conference motto was: